Upcoming VP Classic Tournaments

It's that time of the year.  This is where we have some fun with golf.  Although some of these tournaments might be Corky it is always fun! On top of having a great time you will feel good as each tournament we choose a foundation to help raise money. This season we are donating all the proceeds to Stand Up and Play.  Below are the three classic tournaments we run.


4th annual Trick or treat classic

October 26th 11:00am

This is the most fun you will have all year. This tournament is on the Friday before Halloween so dress up in a costume and receive a free mulligan. Each hole is a trick or a treat (easy or hard) You might have to use a baseball bat off a tee, maybe even wearing boxing gloves! You never know what kind of tricks are out there!


The sand trap open

October 19th 12:00pm

This tournament is a oldie but a goody. This tournament started way back when the pro shop was down below with the grill called The Sand Trap. This is a classic golf scramble with a lot of good people who actually played in this tournament years ago. We brought back this tournament 3 years ago and its popularity is coming right back!


cross country 

November 2nd 11:00am

Bring out the big boomers! The shortest hole on this tournament plays around 600 Yards! This is a 9 hole tournament played over 18 holes.  We always have a fun contest following the tournament. Last season we had a marshmallow driving contest! big hitters drove it 40 yards!